LMMD Announcements

October 2023

Lake Mason Management District has much to celebrate! Check out our list of accomplishments to date.

March 2023

We kindly ask that you take two minutes to watch the very informative and important video below. Together, we can learn how Shoreland Zoning helps protect water quality, fishing, and home values around our treasured Lake Mason.

September 2022

The town of Douglas has paved a walkway to the dam, and placed two concrete benches for public use. This expense was from Federal Stimulus Money we received. The paved walkway is for walking, ATV, UTV and Snowmobile (5 mph) use ONLY. NO vehicles (truck or cars). We have a picture of a red pickup truck driving over the top of the bridge at the Dam. This wooded bridge is NOT built to support vehicles! We are in the process of placing posts and signs at each end. Please let your neighbors know for safety reasons.

Thank you,
Jim Brancel